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La Cité collégiale Employment Resource Centre

Diane Bertrand
240 Blvd. Centrum Boul., Unit 105
Orleans, ON, K1E 3J4
Tel: 613-741-9042
Fax: 613-834-6648
Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 4:00pm

Welcome to Employment Ontario Resource Center offered by La Cité collégiale.We assist individuals to access training, and prepare for, find and maintain employment, as well as provide assistance to employers to find and hire qualified employees. The Resource room offers a welcoming environment for individuals by providing information, computers, phone, resources and computers.


Furthermore we offer a range of services, tailored to meet individual needs, including: Information and Resource Services, Employment planning and preparation, Job search and placement support.  We also offer information regarding


1.  Second Career:   This program can help you train for a new career at a community college or private career college anywhere in Ontario.


2.  Ontario Self-Employment Benefit Program (OSEB): Create your own Dream job and hire yourself with OSEB.


3.  Summer jobs service: Aimed at students aged 15 to 30, planning to return to school in the fall. Businesses as well as not-for-profit and other community organizations can apply to receive the hiring incentive.  A $2-per-hour-per-student hiring incentive is available for eligible Ontario employers to create summer job placements.


For more information on any of the above programs, please contact us or visit our website